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                                                                                                               IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NEW PATIENTS

Dear patient/customer,


We are delighted you have chosen to entrust us with supplying your medications. To ensure a prompt and reliable service

please note the following:

1. If you have asked us to manage your repeat prescriptions we will only order regular medicatons (this means we will NOT ORDER 'when required medications' unless you contact us). The non-regular medications will need to be managed by you

and you will need to allow at least 72 hours for the surgery  (some surgeries take considerably longer) and 48 hours for us. Therefore, we advice you allow a week before you need your medications to ensure continuity of therapy.

2. If you are expecting an acute medication such as an antibiotic you will need to call or email and let us know so we can

look out for it otherwise you may experience a delay in getting your medications. If you notify us before 12pm and we have the medication in stock it will normally be delivered on the same day (this only applies to Farnborough & Aldershot).

3. If you see a doctor and a new medication is prescribed mid-cycle you will also need to let us know so we can look out for it.

4. If any medication is stopped following a discussion with your doctor please let us know.

5. If you are hospitalised we would be grateful if you or your next of kin could let us know so we stop requesting your regular medications.

6. If you are discharged from hospital please let us know immediately so we are aware as hospitals typically only supply enough medications for 14 days.

7. Please avoid calling between 12pm and 1pm as this is the time we finalise the deliveries for the day and we often do not pick up the phone between those times.

8. If you want a delivery on the day please let us know before 12pm. Provided we have the stock we will usually deliver in the afternoon after 1pm. If you are a Farnborough resident and your delivery is urgent we will endeavour to deliver your medications later in the afternoon (usually after 4pm).

9. If you provide us with an email address we will add this to our delivery software and you will receive a notification and will be able to track your delivery.

10. Please note that once we send a request from our end it is not in our hands how long the surgery takes to issue a script. If something is urgent we will mark it accordingly when sending to the surgery.


11. If you see your GP and a new medication is added, or something is stopped or changed, it is your responsibility to notify us. 


12. If you are on a medication that we can't obtain due to market shortages you have 3 options: 1) we release the script and you can try to find a pharmacy that has existing stock or 2) we contact your GP and seek to change to an alternative provided your GP is satisfied with the change or 3) you may until the item comes back into stock wait if it is not urgent.

13. Release of electronic scripts is very easy and simple. When a pharmacy releases an electronic script, it goes back to the NHS spine (or cloud) and any pharmacy within the UK can then dispense that script by searching for on the NHS tracker it using the patient's NHS number or uniquie prescription code.


14. Please note that deliveries can only be made to the address on your prescription. If you want us to deliver to another address, we will need this in writing from your GP practice.

15. If you provide us with an email address,  you will automatically be notified of deliveries scheduled for you by our delivery management software. Additionally, you will receive a second email usually around 1pm on the day of delivery which will give you a 1hr delivery window



The above covers most scenarios but is not a comprehensive list so if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us.

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