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At Pharmacy Bond we endeavor to go the extra mile in any way possible so we have made the decision to offer dossette box trays (weekly calendar trays) free of charge to patients who are in genuine need. Subsequently a large number of our patients are on this service. We can confidently say that no other pharmacy in the area does more dossettes than us. 

Examples of patients who are in genuine need

Patient 1: Mr. Smith is on 8 medications and they are at different times of the day and following a recent discharge from hospital after a stroke he has struggled to remember taking his medications.

Patient 2: Mrs. Angel is on 4 medications. she is 90 years old and due to arthritis she is struggling to pop pills out of the blister packs. She is independent and does not have carers.

Patient 3: Mr. McGuire is on 15 different medications and but is really struggling to keep track of his medications. He is often running out of medications before remembering to order them and subsequently he is missing doses.

Examples of patients who are NOT in genuine need

Patient 4: Mr. Jones is on 5 different medications. He is very capable but keeps forgetting to order his medications and therefore thinks if his medicines are put in trays they would all be in sync and this will resolve his issues.

Our response to the above hypothetical examples

Patients 1-3 we would offer dossette box trays free of charge without hesitation. Patient 4 we would offer to manage the ordering of his medications for him but would encourage him to remain independent as there is no genuine need for dossette boxes in his case.

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