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Pharmacy Bond was incorporated in 2012 and has grown from strength to strength. It is owned by two pharmacist partners. We are contracted to offer NHS services to patients from around the UK and we are more than happy to do that but we do focus our efforts on the local community and use our own drivers for deliveries to the local vicinity up to an approximate range of a ten  mile radius from our location. This allows us to deliver a truly tailored service that is truly hard to compete with. 

Having worked around the UK for many years I noticed services to the elderly was lacking. In the UK and indeed in the western world we have an aging population and unfortunately with age comes deterioration of vision,hearing,mobility, etc. These health problems present all sorts of problems and from our point of view we know they present a problem with medicine compliance. Provision of medications in dosette boxes solves the problem for the vast majority of patients but it is labour intensive and not truly funded by the NHS. We have made the decision to offer this service free of charge to those we asses to be in need and will benefit from this service.

For example: We recently took on a patient who is over 90% blind and was having serious issues with her medications and in fact ended up in hospital due to an over dose shortly before we took her on. After her surgery contacted us we put her medicines into dossette box trays and further tailored it by writing in large bold writiing the dates on each slot to aid the patient in being able to see the week days and the corresponding dates. 

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