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Pharmacy First is a brand new service that launched on 31st of January 2024 by the NHS and is the perfect solution for anyone who wants quick and convenient healthcare without the long waits of booking an appointment with your GP or calling 111. It’s completely free and available to everyone. Call us to speak to our friendly team of professionals who are here to help you with any health concerns you may have.


1. The service is offered remotely and you must have a smart phone or a tablet or a computer to enable a video call (a family member or carer can help and act as a chaperone throughout the delivery of the service if you so choose)
​2. The PHARMACY FIRST SERVICE is only offered for the above six medical conditions where we will be able to prescribe the appropriate medication and deliver to you free of charge (medication cost is payable at normal prescription charge of £9.65 if you pay normally, otherwise free).

3. If we can't help you (for example we suspect another condition or feel your condition needs to be looked at by your doctor) we will promptly write to your doctor to make a referral.

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